Our Mission

Our core values are


Our mission is to deliver consistent, professional haircare services and products to residential organizations and individuals with disabilities throughout New York City and its surrounding areas. Our staff of licensed practitioners will provide haircare services for any and all customers whose traveling options are limited due to any form of incapacitation. Our focus is to “SERVE” our customers. We build strong relationships by winning our customers’ trust and educating them on insightful ways to better care for their hair.

We carry out our mission by standing firm on our pyramid of objectives, which are:

To grow valuably

To pursue excellence

To honor God in all we do

To maintain affordable rates

To deliver prompt, quality haircuts

To deliver excellent customer service

To utilize safe, decontaminated equipment

To restore the attractiveness within our customers

To recognize clients as the #1 reason for our existence

To provide customers with services/products that is needed