Several blocks from a strip of antique shops along Bruckner Blvd. in the Bronx, the corporate office of Visiting Barber Services, Inc. can be found at 199 Lincoln Avenue. With a commitment and dedication to providing high quality, safe, professional and friendly barbering services, Robert C. Clarke founded Visiting Barber Services, Inc. – a “barber shop without walls”. There is no barber “shop” per se, but rather, Visiting Barber Services, Inc. is a corporation that employs professionally trained hair care practitioners to deliver personalized Haircare Services to Hospitals, Group Homes, Nursing Homes, Detention Facilities, Residential Shelters, Homebound Individuals with Disabilities, Programs for the Mentally and Physically Challenged, and Organizations who Service Individuals with Disabilities throughout New York City and its surrounding areas.

Robert Clarke CEO of visitingbarberservices

CEO - Robert Clarke

Robert C. Clarke, Founder, CEO, Master Barber and Licensed New York State Examiner, conceived the idea of the Visiting Barber Service when, at the age of twenty-three and the proprietor of his second barber shop, he became painfully aware of a client experiencing physical challenges getting to and from his shop. Sympathizing with the client’s situation, Robert offered the gift idea to provide services at the client’s residence. Word of mouth led to more in-home services and eventually Robert received request to provide barbering services to other individuals with disabilities, which in turn led to Group Homes and other facilities where residents were physically challenged. Recognizing the need for this type of service, Visiting Barber Services was established as a corporation on April 24, 2000.

As time went on and the request for services increased, Visiting Barber Services started realizing its customer’s needs for quality Haircare Products at an affordable rate. Immediately, Visiting Barber Services added its product division to its corporation – VBS Hiarcare Supply. As an added convenience, hair care supplies are purchased from branded manufactures and retailed to their customers for less than what they would pay should they purchase them from the averaged beauty supply store. In addition to the company’s inexpensive rates, Visiting Barber Services’ customers enjoy having their Haircare Supplies delivered to them on their scheduled service date, at no additional charge!

Some of the features that support the uniqueness of this enterprise are the strategies implemented to allow Visiting Barber Services to service a respectable client base throughout New York City and its Surrounding areas. They are: access to an employment pool of well-trained licensed practitioners; licensed practitioners who are willing to travel within a large geographical area; a convenient schedule of appointments including evenings, weekends and holidays; and the assurance to customers that all Visiting Barber Services practitioners are licensed, and only uses decontaminated materials to deliver its services.

According to Marcus Corbet, Shift Supervisor at Father Flanagan Boys and Girls Town, “Visiting Barber Services has provided barbering services to the youth in his program since 2000. In that time, the practitioners have shown themselves to be flexible in accommodating our needs and schedule. They always interact professionally with both staff and residents.”

With the #1 commitment to “SERVE” their customers, Visiting Barber Services Mission is to “Deliver Quality Haircare Packages… One Haircut At A Time” to anyone whose traveling options are limited due to any form of incapacitation.